Everyone Has Goals. Will You Reach Yours?

Tracking Your Effort is a Proven System for Staying on Target.


Freedom to Track Anything You Want

We don't limit you to track one thing, or tell you what number means "success" --YOU decide that. 

Preset Charts Make It Easy!


Pre-built charts are already there for you to choose from. If we don't have a preset chart made for you, you can create and customize your own chart!

The Data Is ALWAYS Yours!


You know how you leave a gym (or your fancy gadget breaks) and you lose the workouts you had in their system? chartMe allows you to export any data you have. Always. 

One App to Rule Them All

Why use five different apps to track five different things when you can use chartMe to do it all in one spot? ChartMe lets you: track your finances, workouts, medical and personal measures; add your data easily; and then provides statistics on the measures you care about. It's pretty cool.

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“I feel like I'm wasting my time using too many unrelated apps to track things I want to track. Shouldn't it all go together? chartMe is easy, useful, and gives me a Big Picture perspective on my long- & short-term goals: my workouts, my spending, savings & credit rating, my health data. Life is complicated, keeping track of all the things that are important to you should be easy.”

Todd W. Fisk

Founder, Red River D Development LLC

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Go get 'em Tiger! 

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